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Our bovine services include individual wellness exams, as well as exams for sickness or injury, and insurance exams. Vaccinations. Surgery for spays, routine castrations or banding and cryptorchids, wounds and lacerations, hernia repairs, as well as some soft tissue and orthopedic conditions. However, most of our bovine work involves herd work. Reproduction work such as pregnancy testing cows, fetal dating, some artificial insemination, testing bulls for Trichomoniasis (Trich) and semen evaluation. Fecal exams including herd screens and fecal egg reduction testing to check for parasite resistance. Domestic and International Certificate of Veterinary Inspections (also known as CVI’s or Health Certificates) including blood testing, reading tattoos, and individual identification when required. In house laboratory for some blood testing. Ultrasound and Radiology in house as well as field ultrasounds. Brucellosis (Bangs) vaccination and Foothill vaccination services. Consultations of disease or management as well as nutritional evaluations and consultations. Salt Creek Hydraulic Chutes available. After hours emergency services.