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Over the years Lakeview Animal Hospital has developed a reputation of offering quality products and services and very fair prices.  Most products sold have been tested by the practice staff personally or by our clients.  If new products do not meet our expectations they are eliminated.  As a rule products are purchased from companies with similar quality standards.  Over the years we have acquired several dealerships and distributorships in order to purchase products at better prices and pass some saving on to our customers.  Many of the products we carry such as a full line of farrier supplies are not typically handled by veterinary clinics, however; we have acquired such product lines to meet the needs of a small town in which they were previously unavailable.    Or perhaps it’s just a throw back from Rod’s horseshoeing days when he was trying to get through vet school.  One downside of living in a small rural community is that next day shipping is unavailable so the best we can offer is second day.  Customer service is paramount to our dedicated staff and special orders or hard to find items are always welcome.  If an item can be found we can usually find it.  If you spend enough time you may be able to find items at slightly lower prices, but if you want a site you can trust to always give you a fair price on a quality product without hours of searching then you have come to the right place.  Remember quality is like buying oats:  If you want good clean oats then you have to pay a good fair price.  But if you are willing to settle for oats that have already been through the horse then perhaps they are a little cheaper.