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UPDATED:  3/25/09

Educational articles on this site represent the views and/or opinions of the author at the time of the update.  As scientific information and views change we will try to update these articles, but this of course takes time.  Most articles are based on a combination of scientific information and our personal experience.  The articles are designed to be read and understood by people without a medical background thus more in-depth information is probably available elsewhere for those that are interested.  We are trying to give you a brief overview of a topic that will help you make a more educated decision about the care of your animals.  Nothing is meant to replace the advice of your local veterinarian or farrier who is usually the most qualified person to provide information about your animal’s welfare.  We hope you find our site interesting and informative and would like to thank you in advance for your support, which will allow us to continue improving our site and the information available on it.  It takes a lot of time to add or update articles and products but will try our best to keep our site informative and up to date.      


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